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Fiberglass Rigid Cane

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Rigid Fiberglass Canes

  • Available with a range of interchangeable Slip-on and Hook Tips.
  • Because of its increased weight compared with the UltraLite™ Graphite canes, the fiberglass Cane is ideal for use with the Roller, Jumbo ROLLER™ and Rolling Ball tips in the constant contact mobility technique or where durability is a major consideration.
  • Available in lengths from 36" to 64"(90-160 cm)

Choice of Colors

  • White reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe - for normal North American usage.
  • All White reflective tape - common in most European countries and many others.
  • White reflective tape with 2 red stripes - common in some European countries.
  • Black and other custom colors also available
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