Folding Aluminum Identification Cane

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This cane is designed without a grip and helps identify an individual as blind or low vision.

ID/Symbol canes are not for use as a mobility cane or to support a user's body weight. 

Lengths: 28 - 54” in 2” increments / 70 - 135 cm in 5 cm increments
Types: Folding
Sections (folding): 3 or 5 
Weight: from 2.3 to 4.5 oz. / 66 to 128 g
Grips: None
Shaft colors: available in all reflective 3M tape colors 
Elastic cord: double
Joints: Flared
Tip style: Hook-on (Pencil Stub tip variety only)

  • Uniquely designed lightweight ⅜” / 9.5 mm diameter aluminum cane intended for low-vision individuals who don't require mobility assistance
  • Weighs only about 35% of an equal length mobility cane
  • Fits easily into pocket or purse
  • Folds and unfolds with ease


ID Cane Tip, Eyelet, White

Replacement eyelet cane tip for the Identification canes

Available in white and black

More Details

Reflective white 3M tape.

Unit Price $14.80
Total $14.80

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