Rectangular AMD

The foldable Adaptive Mobility Device, exclusively from Ambutech.

Small (MK Model):  30" - 34" / 75 cm - 85 cm in 2” or 5 cm increments; folds into 2 equal sections
Large (MR Model):  36" - 54" / 90 cm - 135 cm in 2” or 5 cm increments; folds into 3 equal sections

Shaft colors:  white with red bottom or all white


  • Lightweight fiberglass design
  • Uses the same composite aluminum joints, finger guards, and double string elastic cord available on Ambutech Fiberglass mobility canes

Three models (wheels) to choose from:

  • low profile plastic wheels for use on firm indoor and outdoor surface areas
  • Ambutech's Rover Wheels for use on any rural or rougher urban surface areas
  • swivel wheels designed for added control

Transition Skills Components

  • Double cane grips to give students or clients the tactual familiarity of a cane grip
  • Stair extension that allows students or clients to hold the AMD in a balanced position while clicking up each step using the same skill patterns needed when ascending stairs using a standard cane

Customer Service

  • Order by phone: 1 (800) 561-3340
  • Order by fax: 1 (800) 267-5059
  • Order by email: [email protected]