Good or bad, Ambutech wants to hear it

Tracy Garbutt – Independent living skills specialist with CNIB

To make a good mobility cane, you need constant real world testing and a willingness to make a change when your customers demand one. That’s exactly what makes Ambutech strong, according to Tracy Garbutt, independent living skills specialist with CNIB, Canada’s leading organization working with and on behalf of the visually impaired.

“Ambutech has always been easy to work with,” said Tracy. “They are really looking for ways to build a better product. Good or bad, they want to hear it. They don’t get offended. They just go back and make it right.”

Tracy became legally blind when he was 12-years-old. Always active, he enjoys running marathons, participating in the Paralympics and more. As part of his job at CNIB, he encourages others to stay active and live full lives. 

“Three days a week I’m on the road, in people’s homes, teaching them living skills,” said Tracy. 

“I teach cooking, cleaning and living tips. Unfortunately I even know some makeup tips as well,” he joked. 

Tracy was excited when he learned about Ambutech more than two decades ago. As a Winnipegger, he was proud that a local company had reached beyond Canada to serve people around the world. Through the years, he has appreciated the consistent quality of Ambutech’s products and the friendliness of its staff. 

“From reception to the warehouse, the environment at Ambutech is comfortable and approachable,” said Tracy. “It is obvious the employees like their work and it shows in their products.” 

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