A Passionate and Caring Company

Candace Young – Ambutech production manager

After 23 years at Ambutech, Candace Young knows the company better than almost anyone. When asked to describe it, the two words she uses are passionate and caring. 

“We’re a very passionate company. We’re always trying to do what people need and want,” said Candace, who started on the production line making the canes herself and has moved on to become the production manager. “We have a good product and we stand behind our name. If the customer doesn’t like something, we always fix it.”

Ambutech’s willingness to fix problems and stand behind its products has given it a reputation as a caring company. It is always ready to listen to customers and take their suggestions to heart. 

“When customers call and ask for something, if we can make it for them, we make it,” she said. “It’s that simple. We’re very customer oriented.”

The company also works with partners in developing countries to send canes to those who wouldn’t have access to them otherwise. 

“I see the pictures from our cane donations in developing countries,” said Candace. “We see people using a cane for the first time and you can tell how happy they are.”

Candace believes Ambutech will continue to improve by using new technology in its manufacturing processes and in its products.  

“We’re always looking for new ideas and for ways that we can improve someone’s quality of life,” said Candace.