Ambutech's Production will be temporarily closed for annual machine maintenance from July 29th to August 6th. To ensure timely delivery: Canadian and USA orders placed before July 19th will be fulfilled on schedule. Worldwide orders placed by July 12th will also be delivered on time. Orders placed after these deadlines may experience delays due to the shutdown period.


Product Questions

Is the leather pouch or holster made with real leather?

  • They are a processed leather material. 

What kinds of canes can I use the Pouches or Holsters for?

  • The canes that work best are the Mobility canes that fold 4 or 6 times.  The 5 section canes have a hard time fitting into the holsters but might fit the pouch because it is a little wider.  The Slim Line and ID canes can best be used with the Pouch, they may fall through the holster.  The Telescoping canes are not designed to fit the pouch or the holster.

Why don’t the Fiberglass canes come with the HiLite Colors?

  • The Fiberglass cane shafts are thicker than the Aluminum and Graphite canes and so the ferrules do not fit properly. Also, because we do not sell as many Fiberglass canes the cost of this size of ferrule would be prohibitive.

How do you use the Rover Wheel Tip?

  • This tip is designed for rough terrain such as walking trails and dirt paths. It can be pushed in front of the user.

Are your canes FDA approved?

  • As Class I medical devices all of our canes are registered with the FDA in the U.S. and also meet the CE medical directive in the EU.

Can I have my name or personal information put on the cane?

  • Anyone can put any personal information they wish on our canes but that is not something we provide as a service at Ambutech. We do not have the machines to accommodate this request.

What is the Tandem Bar?

  • The Tandem Bar is used for teachers and students. One end of the device hooks on to the teacher’s cane and the other end hooks onto the student’s cane. This way the teacher can move their cane and the students cane will mimic the exact same movements.

How do you measure an AMD device?

  • Only a qualified O&M instructor can provide this information.

What are the AMD’s?

  • Adaptive mobility devices are intended to provide protection, in some cases they are used as a pre-cane. They are particularly useful as a drop off detector and for those with balance issues but they are not designed to support the user’s weight. The AMD’s are designed for people who are not able to use or who have not used a cane before and they cover a broader area and can just be pushed in front of the user. For more information on these visit Dona Sauerburger’s website at .

What is the push broom tip?

  • The Push Broom is an AMD that attaches to a cane like a Hook tip. It is designed to be pushed in front of the user, lifted, brought back, and pushed forward again. Just like you would with an actual push style broom on the floor. Push forward, up, and back.

Are all tips available in all of the different styles and colors?

  • The majority of our tips even the colored ones are available in all three attachment styles but not all of them. The Rover tip is available in Hook-on style only, the Tip Cap and Stationary Ball in Slip-on style only, the Ceramic in Hook-on and Thread-on only and the Jumbo Roller in Slip-on and Hook-on only,

Why are there so many choices of canes?

  • We strive to have the variety to suit as many people as possible. We look to our customers for ideas and requests and that is why our product line has become the broadest available. The more selection we have, the more we can help people.

Why do some tips roll and some do not?

  • The marshmallow, pencil, tip cap, and high mileage tips are designed for tapping on the ground using the two touch technique. The rolling marshmallow, rolling ball, and jumbo roller are designed for sweeping side to side using the constant contact method. The ceramic and metal glide tips are designed for both tapping and sweeping.

Is the International Standard color for a cane white and red?

  • No, there is no definitive global law about the color of a mobility cane. What is widely used as a blind canes that are all white, white with a red bottom, or white with 2 red stripes cane. Some countries have yellow on their canes. The ACB in the U.S. has/had most of the white cane laws for each state as well as available drivers manual sections relating to white canes on their website, please refer to this for a more comprehensive commentary.

What is the difference between the Hook-on style, Slip-on style, and Thread-on style tips?

  • The Hook-on style tips hook on to the elastic cord on the inside of the mobility cane. The Slip-on style tips slide on to the outside of the mobility cane shaft. The 8mm Threaded style tips screw into the shaft of the SlimLine and Telescoping canes.

How do I measure a cane so that it is the right length?

  • An Orientation and Mobility professional is the one truly qualified to answer this question. The general rule of thumb is from the top of the underarm, down to the floor. This length would include the very top of the handle and the very bottom of the tip on the cane. We do measure our canes in 2 inch increments (even numbers – 52, 54, 56, 58) and in 5 centimeter increments (every 5 cm – 105, 110, 115, 120).

What is the life expectancy of a cane?

  • This varies greatly depending on the customer, the pressure put on the cane (light or heavy duty), and the number of mile/kilometers all contribute to this measure and have an impact on the wear and tear of the cane. Generally a graphite cane will last twice as long as an aluminum cane

What is the life expectancy of a tip?

  • Tip life is purely dependent on usage. Life expectancy is a combination of mileage and the surface the cane is used on.

Do the grips have Latex in them?

  • No. There is no latex in any of our grips.

Can all of the canes come with the foam grip? Can a SlimLine cane be made with a rubber grip?

  • Currently only the SlimLine canes come with the foam grip.

Can all canes come with the Kiddie and Adult Grip?

  • Yes, subject to the length of the top section. The combination of the cane length and number of sections dictates how long the top section is. As grips are 10”, 8” or 6” the grip types available will be limited by that length of that cane section. Either our website or our order desk can confirm what length of grip will fit on your cane.

Can I put any tip on any cane?

  • A customer can have any tip they want on their cane as long as it is the same style as what they ordered. Example: If the customer ordered a cane with a Hook Style tip, it is advised that they should only order tips that come with the Hook Style. The same goes for Slip On and Threaded tips.

What is the most durable cane?

  • Our new Graphite cane with the conical joiners is the most durable and lightest weight cane. Next would be the Fiberglass (but it is the heaviest) and then aluminum.

My elastic cord is broken on my cane do I have to pay to get it fixed?

  • Elastic cord has a core of genuine rubber and as such it will deteriorate over time. If the cord has failed due to the length of time since manufacture you can order a repair kit to replace the cord. If you feel there is a defect from the manufacturing process please contact us.

How do I deal with a folding canes where the sections are difficult to separate?

  • Depending on how old the cane is, it could just be that there is grit or dirt stuck in the joints and that is what is causing the joints to stick. Generally if the cane is held at a 45 degree and tapped once or twice a stuck joiner will release. Barring a manufacturing defect they can also send it back to us for repair /refurbishment, there is a fee for this service. If you feel there is a defect from the manufacturing process please contact us.

How do I more easily remove a Slip-on tip from my cane?

  • Slip-on tips are designed to fit tightly so as not to fall off the cane. We suggest using something that will grip the cane and tip firmly such as locking pliers or a vice. Applying heat from a gentle heat source such as hot water or a hairdryer may make it easier to remove the tip.

What is the difference between a Folding, Rigid, Mobility, Kiddie, ID, Slim Line, Guide, 2 piece Telescoping, and an 8 piece Telescoping cane?

  • A folding cane has sections held together with an elastic cord, the sections pull apart allowing the cane to fold into a more compact convenient size.
  • A Rigid cane is one full length section and does not collapse.
  • Mobility canes are intended to be used in either the two point touch or constant contact method to provide feedback about the path in front of the user. They are designed for everyday use in many types of terrain. They are designed to withstand considerable amounts of wear and tear and come with our textured and flat sided golf grip handle. They come in Aluminum, Graphite, and Fiberglass and are available with Hook-On or Slip-On Style tips.
  • Kiddie canes are exactly the same as Mobility canes except shorter, fold into less sections, and come with a rounded, shorter grip.
  • ID canes are designed to identify a person as being visually impaired or blind. It is a thin cane with a basic stub tip. It has no grip and is not designed for use as a mobility cane.
  • Slim Line canes are light duty mobility canes with a smaller diameter than a regular mobility cane. They have a foam grip, fold up to 7 sections depending on the length and come with our 8mm Thread-On style tips.
  • Guide Canes are Aluminum Mobility canes without a grip. They are used as a transitional cane when moving from needing only an ID cane to needing a Mobility cane.
  • Two piece Telescopic canes are made of Graphite and have a larger diameter top section and a smaller diameter bottom section. The bottom section slides into the top section to make the cane a more convenient length when not in use or to customize the length of the cane to meet the user’s requirements. The cane locks firmly in place with a twist of the two sections. There are 3 different lengths available that telescope from: 26"-50", 31"-59", 36"-69". When closed the cane is 26", 31", or 36" long depending on the size of the cane ordered. The cane uses 8 mm Thread-On tips.
  • 8 Piece Telescoping Cane: Similar to the NFB cane where it collapses and extends in a friction fit. The Ambutech difference, ours is Fiberglass with an adjustable handle and collapses to be approximately 13 inches. There are 3 different lengths it is available in: 38"-44", 46"-52", 54"-60". The cane uses 8mm Thread-On tips. This is a light duty cane which is intended to use light duty tips. Warranty is not available when cane is ordered with Jumbo Roller, Rolling Ball or Roller tips.

Is there an extra charge for the colors?

  • There is currently no extra charge for colors.

What are the tape colors? What are HiLite colors?

  • Ambutech canes are available in 10 different colors: White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gold, Purple, Pink, Green and Orange.
  • New HiLite colors are available for all Aluminum, Graphite, and Slim Line canes in Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink. The color includes the grip (on Aluminum and Graphite Mobility canes) and the tip (Marshmallow or Pencil) or tip shield for rolling tips. HiLite colors are available on Slim Line canes, the colour includes the finger guards and tip (not the grip).

Ordering Questions

Why are you closed when it is not a holiday in the USA?

  • We are located in Canada and some of our holidays are different. Here is a list that will help
    • January 1st – New Years Day
    • 3rd Monday in February - Louis Riel Day
    • Friday before Easter – Good Friday
    • Monday before May 25th – Victoria Day (May long weekend)
    • July 1st – Canada Day
    • Last week of July up to the first week of August – Plant Shutdown. We are still open but not manufacturing or shipping any orders as the machines are shut down for maintenance
    • First Friday in August – Civic Holiday
    • First Monday in September – Labour Day
    • Second Monday in October – Thanksgiving
    • November 11th – Remembrance Day
    • December 25th – Christmas Day
    • December 26th – Boxing Day
  • These holidays are mandated by law in Canada.

Why is there a minimum order requirement?

  • We are the manufacturer and have a minimum order requirement as it does cost us proportionally more to process, manufacture and ship small orders. We also must pay certain border crossing fees, this is why we have our distributors. Customers can avoid the minimum order requirement and generally pay a lower freight charge by using them. Our 3 main distributors are LS&S Products, Independent Living Aids, and Maxi-Aids.

I received the wrong length of cane than what I ordered.

  • Call the order desk immediately, we will work with you to find out how the error occurred, if it is our mistake the cane will be replaced. If the error was on the customer’s part, we would walk the customer through the process of getting a new cane and returning the incorrect cane subject to the restocking fee.

What is the warranty on your products and what would be considered a manufacturing defect?

  • We have a guarantee against all manufacturing defects for all of our products. All items can be returned and/or replaced if the product fails due to a manufacturer’s defect at no cost to the customer. This does not include regular wear and tear or the product being mistreated (i.e. leaning on it for support, using it as a weapon, jamming it under a parked car, having it stepped on, having it run over by a car etc.). It is advised that the customer contact us as soon as a problem arises to determine the nature of the failure and whether or not it qualifies as a defect.

What is the return and exchange Policy?

  • Because all of our cane products are custom made we do not carry stock and we are not able to do an exchange. If a person simply does not like their product this is not a manufacturer’s defect. If this should happen they can return it, providing the cane is the standard white and red color, folding, and in unused condition, for a refund less 15% as a restocking fee. Freight charges are non-refundable. Please do not return slightly used canes, they will not be repaired /refunded free of charge and freight will be billed to have them returned to you. A new product can be purchased at any time.

Shipping Questions

What are your freight charges?

  • For USA Customers (excluding Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)
    • Orders amounting to $20.00 and under – freight will be $20.00
    • Orders from $20.01 to $150.00 – freight will be $14.00
    • Orders from $150.01 to $300.00 – freight will be $18.00
    • Orders over $300.00 in total will have free shipping
  • For Overseas Customers (Including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)  
    • Orders amounting to $150.00 and under – freight will be $95.00
    • Orders from $150.01 to $300.00 – freight will be $125.00
    • Orders from $300.01 to $700.00 - freight will be $295.00
    • Orders from $700.01 and over - freight will be $375.00
  • All currency in USD
  • Freight charges within Canada
    • Orders amounting to $150.00CAD and under - freight will be $25.00CAD
    • Orders from 150.01CAD to $300.00CAD - freight will be $35.00CAD
    • Orders from $300.01CAD and over - freight will be free
  • It has been 2 weeks since I placed my order and I still have not received it. How long should it take to arrive?

    • All Ambutech canes are custom-made for each order placed. Delivery via UPS Ground will be within 15 business days from date order is received & processed.