About Ambutech

Company History

Ambutech began as a small shop building support canes in the early 1980s. In 1989, we began to build mobility canes and that’s where our true legacy began. Since then we’ve built a reputation for being passionate about our work and investing in our business to make some of the most reliable canes in the world.  

Over the years, we have grown to offer the widest range of mobility canes of any manufacturer. We are proud to be the largest supplier of mobility products in Europe and North America, and distribute to more than 80 countries around the world.

We have grown for two main reasons. We’re passionate about quality and we’ve invested in the best possible manufacturing techniques.

We know that if a person's cane falls apart because it was made incorrectly, it could be more than just an inconvenience, it could be a disaster.

Our ongoing investment into our manufacturing techniques means every Ambutech cane is made to order to our customers’ specifications. We use automation which eliminates errors and lets us make canes incredibly fast. Each of our canes however is hand finished! Even with the volume of orders we receive, we strive for no more than one week from the time you make your order, to the time we ship your cane.  Shipping time can range from 3 to 6 business days.  

We have always had a culture of listening to our customers. We rely on the people who use our canes everyday to tell us what works and what we could do better. Your suggestions led to the creation of our fiberglass and graphite canes and our wide variety of tips. From our marshmallow tip to a tip designed to go over the roughest terrain, we listened to what you wanted and did our best to give it to you.

Today, we’re still investing in our company, both in new innovation and traditional techniques. Through a continued passion for quality and service, we aim to make our future as positive and ground-breaking as our past.  


We know our mobility products are essential tools in many peoples’ lives. Our automation, dedicated and experience staff ensures whether you order one cane or 100 Ambutech can meet your needs. 

We stand behind the quality of our products. If there is something wrong with your order, we’ll fix it. Our canes are some of the most trusted and recognizable worldwide precisely because of our commitment to excellence. 

We work to keep our prices low and our quality high to ensure our canes are both reliable and accessible to those that need them. We are passionate about our products and will be happy to help you find your perfect cane.

We have more cane and tip options than anyone else in the business. One size doesn’t fit all. Look through our products and design the cane that works best for you.