Privacy Policy

At AmbuTech Inc. we understand the importance of personal privacy. As a responsible Corporation we are committed morally as well as legally to keep confidential all personal information we receive from our clients ensuring it is collected, used and disclosed in compliance with all applicable federal and provincial legislation. This policy outlines how we manage personal information and safeguard privacy.

Privacy Rights

As of January 1, 2004 all organizations engaged in commercial activities must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the "Act"). The Act gives individuals rights concerning the privacy of their personal information.

To ensure these rights are protected we have developed this policy and trained our staff about our policies and practices.


Personal information is generally defined as any information that identifies an individual or by which their identity could be deduced. It does not however include their name, business address, business title, professional designation(s) or business telephone number.

Purpose for Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information to allow us to provide products and complete sales transactions initiated by our customers.

We do not collect information in an unreasonably intrusive way. We collect personal information directly from our clients during the order processing procedure.


As the information gathered by us is basic and limited to that required to complete the transactions initiated by our customers, consent is generally verbal and in many cases implied.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Under certain circumstances AmbuTech Inc. will disclose personal information, when we are required or authorized to do so by law;

  1. when our customer has consented to the disclosure;
  2. when the customer initiated transactions require us to provide personal information to 3rd parties such as freight forwarders and customs brokers;
  3. where it is necessary to collect monies owing;
  4. if the information is already publicly known.

In such circumstances, we will not disclose more information than is required.

Updating Information

Since we use personal information to provide product to our customers it is important that the information be accurate. We verify and update the information at the time of each new transaction, changes which occur between transactions are not maintained.

Safeguards & Security

AmbuTech Inc. takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Among the steps taken to protect your information are:

  1. premises security, locked offices & cabinets;
  2. deploying technological safeguards like security software and firewalls to prevent hacking or unauthorized computer access;
  3. internal passwords, restricted file access and security policies.

Access to Personal Information

An individual may ask for access to any personal information we hold about them. Detailed requests which require archive or other retrieval costs may be subject to these fees. Your rights to personal information are not absolute.

Access may be denied when:

  1. denial of access is required or authorized by law;
  2. information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings;
  3. granting access would have a negative impact on other's privacy
  4. when to do so would prejudice negotiations with you;
  5. to protect our firm's rights and properties;
  6. where the request is frivolous or vexatious.

If we deny your request for access to, or refuse a request to update information, we shall explain why.

Correcting Errors

If AmbuTech Inc. holds information about you and you can establish that it is not accurate, complete and up to date, AmbuTech Inc. will take reasonable steps to correct it.


We retain personal information only for so long as it is needed and only for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was originally collected.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Since AmbuTech Inc. regularly reviews all of its policies and procedures we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time.

Requests for Access

If you have any questions or wish to access your personal information please write to our Privacy Officer at:

Gordon Hudek
34 De Baets Street
Winnipeg, MB R2J 3S9

If you are not satisfied with our response the Privacy Commissioner of Canada can be reached at:

112 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 1H3