Customer Feedback Helps Us Build Better Canes

Paul H. Olson – Superintendent at North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind.

Paul Olson

“My experience with Ambutech has been nothing but positive,” said Paul H. Olson, superintendent at North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind and a certified orientation and mobility specialist. “Their emphasis on customer service, individual choice and strong, durable products is unparalleled.”

Paul was teaching O&M in the early 90s when he heard about Ambutech. The company had a reputation for making products based on what people with blindness were asking for to meet their unique needs.

Since then, Paul has been impressed with Ambutech’s dedication to seeking feedback from instructors and attending industry conferences to interact directly with consumers. 

He explained one innovation that has made a big difference is Ambutech’s marshmallow shaped cane tip. The tip is forgiving on a rough sidewalk and has been a hit with children who often struggle with the traditional pencil tip. 

“I believe that it is very important that companies are responsive to requests and demonstrate willingness to address concerns through research and development,” said Paul. “I look forward to further innovation from Ambutech.”

Olson holds a master’s degree in special education/visual impairment from the University of Northern Colorado. Along with his work administrating programs at ND Vision Services, Paul provides consultation in the public school system and teaches O&M on a limited basis.