The Top Choice for O&M Specialists

Lynn Gautreaux – Retired director of the Orientation and Mobility Program at WHERE

“When people are having trouble with their canes I always tell them to try Ambutech,” said Lynn Gautreaux, a retired director of the Orientation and Mobility Program at WHERE. 

Over the years, Lynn has helped hundreds of people choose the right kind of mobility cane and learn how to use it.  Though he’s retired, he still works with Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

According to Lynn, Ambutech’s greatest strength lies in its willingness to adjust its products based on what customers say. A great believer in diversity and choice, Lynn has found throughout his career that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to canes and mobility products. 

“Ambutech is the only company that is open to product design and innovations,” said Lynn. “They are interested in serving their clients and in giving professionals in the field an avenue for modifications that – in some cases – they don’t even know they need.” 

One of those innovations was the tandem bar designed for an instructor to teach a child how to properly use a cane. The tandem bar connects the instructor and child’s canes, so the instructor can help control the movement without constantly staying in a bent position.

“My clients have come to see Ambutech as a company that looks for ways to move the industry forward with product design that none of the other companies are doing,” he said.